Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For the Duchess’ first Christmas as an official royal

Being the Duchess of Cambridge is a full-time job, and Kate Middleton has poise and grace that we all want to .emulate. Today we will continue to talk about the Duch of Cambridge’s royal and polished hats.

10. Milliner: Smithbilt
Style Score: 10/10
We love that the Duchess got into the spirit of the Calgary Stampede during the couple’s 2011 visit, and donned a cowboy hat by Smithbilt.

11. Milliner: James Lock & Company
Style Score: 6/10
For St. Patrick’s Day, we saw the Duchess trot out an emerald green coat dress and a sloped brown hat. While we love the rest of her look, the hat comes off as a slightly uninspired, safe choice.

12. Milliner: Jane Corbett
Style Score: 8/10
The Duchess wore a wide-brim hat by fave Jane Corbett to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party, a part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Worn with a previously spotted Pepto-pink dress by Emilia Wickstead, it becomes one of Middleton’s more playful ensembles, something we’d like to see more of.

13. Milliner: Jane Corbett
Style Score: 8/10
For the Duchess’ first Christmas as an official royal, she picked a lush, sculpted plum-coloured design from Jane Corbett.

14. Milliner: Jane Corbett
Style Score: 8/10
As seen at Prince Philip’s 90th birthday, we love Middleton’s blue patterned coat dress and matching fascinator, which she teamed up with a pair of taupe pumps.

15. Milliner: Rachel Trevor-Morgan
Style Score: 8/10
Here we see Middleton’s first time wearing the headpiece that popped up during the Jubilee during a 2011 visit to the Victoria Barracks, though we love the regal head-to-toe dark blue seen here slightly more.

16. Milliner: Aurora
Style Score: 6/10
This is another auctioned-off head piece, which we first saw on Middleton at a friend’s wedding in 2010. While it sold for nearly $6000, we feel that the look could have benefited from a slightly more modern hat—but its nice to see that the Duchess has come into her own since then.

17. Milliner: Gina Foster Millinery
Style Score: 7/10
Dubbed the ‘potato chip hat’ by the tabloids, we actually like this off-white, wide-brim topper the Duchess wore to Zara Phillips’ wedding, though the embroidered coat dress feels a little mother-of-the-bride.

18. Milliner: Philip Treacy
Style Score: 5/10
We’re a little disappointed in this look, which Middleton wore this to the June 2011 wedding of Sam Waley-Cohen, one of Prince William’s friends. While the outfit is certainly lacking, we do admire the Duchess for going for a slightly more avant-garde choice of designer with Philip Treacy, a favourite of the late Isabella Blow.

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