Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welders and its types

Welders are the welding machines that do the welding process and it is a well known concept that there are different types of welding process available and each type has its own welding machines. In this article, we are going to discuss in brief about different welding machines and its types. First we are going to see about plasma cutter, it can be called as the child of modern invention and it uses the process of science in its process. Yes, it uses the plasma gas and performs both welding and cutting. Totally there are nine plasma cutters available and here is the list of those welding machines. Super cut 40, super cut 50, super cut 50p, power plasma 50, power plasma 60, power plasma 70, power plasma 80 and power plasma 100 are the different types of plasma cutting machines available.

These machines come under the category of inverter type of welding machines and the first three type falls under the category of Toshiba/Fuji mosfet and the remaining falls under the category of Infineon IGBT. The users can typically use this machine in all industrial processes and it is designed in a portable way such that it has torch track operation and adjustable post flow cooling. This machine is easy to operate and makes you feel comfortable. The next welding machine that is on a row is tig welders and it is the most widely used machine and it is appreciated for its economy and portability. In the field it makes the repair very easy and can weld any type of steel or stainless materials. It can fit into any settings and afford unique combination of amperage and features.

There are five types of tig welders available and they are power I tig-200, power tig 200DX, power tig 225 LX, power tig 250 EX and power tig 315 DX. To start this unit, the minimum voltage required is 220/240v and it affords stable and consistent welding parameters with foot pedal control as a standard feature. Power I mig160, power I mig200, power I-mig 205 and power I-mig 250p are the different mig welding machines available and it is designed to serve all industrial purposes and comes with features such as arc force control, digital display, spool gun capability and consumes low power. Power arc welders and it also commonly referred as stick welders and there are two types of stick welding machines available and they are power arc160 and power arc200. This machine is leading the industry with the price and the performance and it provides excellent arc characteristics.

So when it comes into welding process, there are different types of welding machines available and the user can weld any type of metal with ease and can achieve smooth welding characteristics with high duty cycles. Based upon your usage, select a machine and enjoy the benefits of those machines. Select a manufacturer who can meet your demands so that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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